Kilometers for Sale event "Chase Ebola Away"

Kilometers for sale by CARD Europe. Purchase kilometers and run Ebola out!

When: October 11th 2014, 14:00
Where: Østheim community house, Bjerkelundsveien 31, 1358 Jar (near Oslo), in your local community with friends or by yourself.
How: Pledge or get sponsored by a loved one, colleague or friend for a specific number of kilometers at 20 NOK per km. Register your name and number of kilometers, and pay for the number of kilometers to the CARD account or use the online payment system provided.


Fighting Ebola in Liberia

The situation with regard to Ebola is very serious and the disease is spreading faster than the measures to stop it and faster than in other West African countries at the moment. What is also worrying is that the Ebola control at the airport is reported to be completely inadquate. It is therefore of utmost importance to focus on containing and mitigating the disease in Liberia.